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ASB Evidence Gathering

ASB Evidence Gathering

Anti-Social Behaviour Evidence Gathering. We install bespoke covert camera systems specifically designed for each situation. We can create a network of cameras to cover a target area such as communal social housing areas (internal and external) and our systems fit into riser cupboards, lights, lifts, virtually any housing we can access. Our covert cameras are so small they fit inside a screw head.

Antisocial`s behaviour is on the increase and communities and individuals are becoming less tolerant of such nuisance, interfering and threatening behaviour. Remington Hall are experts at evidence gathering to tackle antisocial`s behaviour.

Remington Hall install covert static surveillance equipment in various types of commercial, inner-city and rural properties which covertly captures footage of the target individuals and areas in order to gather sufficient evidence for our Clients.

We look after an increasing amount of Housing Associations as well as private landlords within Greater London and further afield who are having to deal with more and more nuisance behaviour and need our expertise. Please refer to covert static surveillance for further details about our installations and what can be achieved.

Tackling antisocial behaviour requires the skill, expertise and forethought of Agents who can assess the situation and strategically plan and install a covert recording system which will lead to successful prosecutions, without alerting any target individuals.

Managing anti-social behaviour (ASB) across our stock of 65 thousand properties is always a challenge but we continue to achieve successful outcomes and related enforcement action by involving Remington Hall in the planning and implementation stages.

Whatever the brief, Remington Hall have the unique skill set, experiences and resources to advise on the most effective and efficient action plan to either deter activity or assist in evidencing ASB that enables us to take the perpetrators to court.

Their involvement is critical in enabling Peabody to resolve even the most challenging of cases so that our residents can live safely and peacefully”.

Area Manager, Peabody

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