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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics


Ordinarily a vital procedure in criminal fraud and embezzlement cases.


Our in house computer forensics experts ensure that all processes for the systematic indexing and searching for hidden and deleted data is undertaken so as to be reliable evidence in court. If access is available to data storage for forensic analysis we always recommend that this expertise is deployed at an early stage.


The provision of computer forensics, data retrieval and data analysis continues to be fundamental in establishing and successfully piecing together critical links in expanded and complex investigations and allows our investigators to significantly expedite the case.


Cyber Crime | Cyber Security | Penetration Testing | Ethical Hacking


Cyber Crime relies on substandard security systems and knowledge. Our Cyber Investigators perform covert cyber attacks such Penetration Tests and ethical hacking to exploit your vulnerabilities, highlight weak and risk points and ultimately secure your network, digital entry points and human assets.


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