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Fixed Fee Preliminary Asset Reports & PCRS

Fixed Fee Preliminary Asset Reports & PCRS

To ensure that recovery proceedings are considered with all available data on the subject, debtor fraudster or company, Remington Hall supply a range of preliminary and comprehensive Asset & Financial reports.

Fixed Fee Preliminary Asset Report:

Our Investigators will initially prepare a Fixed Fee Preliminary Asset Report which is designed to establish an individuals assets, wealth, lifestyle and liabilities. They clearly and concisely detail the target’s:

  • Identity including full date of birth
  • Current address
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Address history
  • Incorporated appointments and shareholdings
  • Business activities & interests
  • Media & digital profile and footprint analysis
  • Property assets – residential, commercial and investment
  • Vehicle assets
  • Debt history
  • Insolvency history

This is a valuable, low cost insight into an individuals assets and wealth and can either supply enough data for our client to initiate recovery proceedings, or warrant further more focused investigation into the individual.

Fixed Fee Personal Credit Report (PCR):

Our financial investigators will compliantly investigate and collate comprehensive financial data on a target individual, and issue an in-depth Fixed Fee Personal Credit Report (PCR) detailing:

  • Current Address
  • All credit based linked addresses
  • Current accounts and balance histories over 12 months
  • Savings accounts and balance histories over 12 months
  • Mortgage accounts and mortgage loan balances
  • Credit card accounts and balances
  • Loan accounts and balances


“We really appreciate the help which Remington Hall provide to our litigation practice, both with service of documents and asset reports. They are both excellent at meeting deadlines and very pro-active.”
Solicitor, Glovers Solicitors LLP

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