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Fixed Fee Residency Reports

Fixed Fee Residency Reports


Remington Hall’s Housing Investigators designed our Fixed Fee Residency Report which has become an essential investigative tool for housing professionals and property lawyers alike.


It is a cost-effective means of gathering evidence of various adverse situations such as illegal subletting.


Produced for Registered Providers, large Estates, Managing Agents, Law Firms, our reports establish and collate evidence of:


  • Where the lawful tenant is physically residing
  • Who is in occupation at the tenancy address
  • The historic traffic of unlawful occupants at the tenancy address


They are formatted to detail our findings clearly and concisely with a summary and suggestions for further action.


Our housing clients rely on these reports to establish and confirm suspected:


  • Social Housing Tenancy Fraud
  • Subletting
  • Non-Occupation
  • Abandonment
  • Breach of Lease
  • Breach of Covenant
  • False Succession Claims


Our Fixed Fee Residency Reports are an essential investigative and evidence gathering tool that our housing clients of all types have come to rely on.

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