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Remington Hall’s Housing Investigators successfully tackle the majority of the negative situations that can develop and escalate whilst managing property by way of preparing investigative Fixed Fee Reports, local evidence gathering and covert camera installations.

On a daily basis our Investigators are engaged with:

  • Social Housing Tenancy Fraud
  • Subletting
  • Non-Occupation
  • Breach of Lease
  • Breach of Covenant
  • False Succession Claims
  • Antisocial Behaviour
  • Noise Nuisance
  • Loitering Groups

We work with:

  • Housing and property law firms
  • The large private London estates
  • Registered Providers
  • Commercial landlords
  • Local authorities
  • Retail and utility landlords and land owners


“I’ve found them prompt and responsive, and their services have always been competitively priced and delivered on budget. I would recommend Remington Hall to other Housing professionals, and to anyone working in facilities management or investigations.” Housing Officer, Family Mosaic

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