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Manned Surveillance

Manned Surveillance


Defendant Personal Injury. 


Supporting Loss Adjuster’s, Insurance Plc’s, Law Firms and the Government in their Defendant Personal Injury cases, Remington Hall supply various solutions which are cost effective and crucially saves our Clients money.

Prior to planning the operation, we analyse the case notes and conduct thorough preliminary enquiries. Not only to confirm that the address is current, we draw on our experienced investigative techniques to build a picture of the Claimant’s lifestyle.




Our teams are regularly deployed by our Housing clients in regard to property disputes and tenancy fraud to gather video evidence of; the identities of unlawful occupants at the tenancy address and the lawful tenant using an alternative property as their only or principal home.


Support Team


A unique asset of Remington Hall is that our Surveillance Teams benefit from the ability to consult our Investigation Department whilst on an operation. This support team can provide them with vital real-time data, allowing our Operatives to make the correct decision at the right time. Access to this intel resource is crucial for any mobile team.

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