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Noise Nuisance Solutions

Noise Nuisance Solutions


Sound Level Meter Hire – Tackling Noise Disturbance


We use fully featured Class 1 data logging sound level meters specifically designed for social housing noise complaints.


Noise disturbance is an increasing problem for our social housing clients and one that they need to actively investigate to establish if the disturbance is to such a degree that action should be taken. On occasion it transpires that the disturbance has dissipated or that the complainant is over-sensitive to the neighbours normal routines. Sometimes we uncover very serious underlying disputes which need to be addressed immediately.



From instruction we:



  • Log the concern
  • Liaise directly with the Tenant from that point to minimise the impact on the Housing Manager’s time
  • Assess the situation and plan/agree the most effective strategy
  • Regularly update Housing Manager so they are kept informed of progress
  • Install a Class 1 Noise Nuisance Recorder for agreed period to record graphical data and audio
  • Issue Housing Manager with a full comprehensive report (to be used as evidence in court) comprising;
    • Graphical data (noise vs time graph and decibel levels)
    • Audio recording of noise pollution on DVD
    • breakdown of what noise disturbances
    • detailed synopsis of complaint according to the investigation
  • Arrange for a Professional Witness (if required) to monitor disturbance from within the property at key times (concurrently with meter if required) and issue a report to support graphical/audio evidence


Our service completely relieves the housing manager of each complaint from the point of instruction to the time they have the evidence to assess and progress forward accordingly.


The tenant is reassured that action is being taken when we contact them and the Housing Manager has more time to deal with other issues whilst we are in control.


NB: This service is also utilised by our local authority, private landlord and London estate clients. We deal with London Housing Associations and landlord clients but we also install nationwide.

“I have been using Remington Hall for my Noise Nuisance cases for approximately 3 years now. They are a very professional organisation who carry out noise equipment installation, the use of professional witnesses as well as CCTV cameras.”
Senior Housing Officer, Peabody Group

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