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Property Disputes

Property Disputes


Intelligence gathering is the first step in investigating property disputes.


Intelligence is vital to the case itself as well allowing a surveillance team to plan the most effective and efficient strategy in consideration of objectives and costs.


Only when we have enough data on the subject, property or third parties will we assess the opportunities for covert static surveillance as a method of evidence gathering.


Remington Hall assist many Property Management Agencies, RSL’s, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Trusts and Landlords themselves with all types of property dispute.


Typical investigations tend to be identifying the actual occupiers, confirming as to what purpose the property is actually used for, and the frequency of any occupation.


We undertake preliminary and in-depth enquiries as well attend at court for, amongst others, the well known London Estates to assist in their claims for possession.

 have used Remington Hall for housing investigations for many years.  They have never disappointed.”

Property Lawyer, HPLP


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