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Un-manned Surveillance

Un-manned Surveillance


  • Mobile Surveillance – Electronic
    • Device led mobile unmanned surveillance tracking of an individual, vehicle of asset.
  • Static Surveillance – Remote Access
    • Utilising our 4G Gateway surveillance networks, we can monitor a target remotely 24/7 or with motion triggers set to engage when required.
    • Utilised for, but not limited to, 24/7 monitoring at a high engagement or risk area.


Remington Hall has the capability to place re-deployable and stand alone surveillance cameras in many environments and locations.


Our mobile surveillance units are self-powering and utilise our 4G Gateways, allowing the user to review, monitor and download the HD footage from anywhere on the planet.


They operate unmanned 24/7 day and night in full HD for a variety of situations to target crime such as antisocial behaviour and drug dealing and to identify the perpetrators; to establish occupancy at a property; and to tackle Social Housing Tenancy Fraud.


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